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Red Light in EE Mobile Signal Booster

Girl using EE mobile booster

Ever wonder what all those lights on your EE mobile signal booster mean? Why do they keep flickering all the time? Well, green or red, those lights could prove as an indication that your booster is working properly or serve as a warning telling you that something is wrong.

The EE signal booster works by offering you 3G coverage within a 15-meter distance. Any further and you would experience problems with your Wi-Fi signal. It is no surprise though when you are in the next room only a couple of meters away yet your mobile phone can barely catch a good signal.

Suddenly, you notice that your EE booster is flickering bright red. What do you do? Who do you call? But more importantly, what does it mean?

Read on to find out all about the red light on your EE mobile signal booster.

Modem connection for EE booster

  • A single red flash

Whenever you see one red light flash, it means that your signal booster box is not connected the right way. To correct the issue, check and make sure that no cable is hanging loose at the back of the EE phone signal booster box. If necessary,  tighten and secure each cable to see if the red flash goes away. When nothing changes, call your service provider so that they can try and help you fix the problem or send someone to your location to investigate.

  • Two flashing red lights

This often means that your EE booster is not receiving any signal or internet connection. If you see two consistent red flashing lights check to see the status of your broadband connection on your phone. If nothing is forthcoming, you need to get your EE signal booster professionally checked or switched with a new one.

  • Three flashing red lights

This usually means that something is tampering with the EE mobile signal booster. Separate the EE booster form your router by moving it at least 60 centimetres away. Also, make sure that the booster box is not too close to other electronics and appliances as this too can hinder its effectiveness.

Other viable solutions to help stop the red light from flashing include turning off your EE booster and letting it rest for a few minutes before turning it back on. You could also try turning off both the broadband router and the EE mobile signal booster for about 10 minutes before switching them back on.

One or both of these solutions should get your signal back up and running normally again. What’s more, the flashing red light will completely disappear. When in need of further assistance or if the problem persists, do not hesitate to reach out to your service provider.


Tom Hardy

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