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Residential Waste Collection Essex – All You Need To Know

A garbage disposal can be difficult at home, where Waste Management or waste collection companies step in as a solution. They not only take away the stress of waste disposal but also make it much easier to handle. Let’s look at everything you need to know about residential waste collection in Essex in this article. These waste collection companies in Essex have a large fleet of domestic trucks that are always ready to collect garbage and dispose of waste throughout Essex. The goal of these Waste collection companies is to repurpose any unwanted items by donating them to charities whenever and wherever possible. On average, 95 percent of all waste collected by a residential waste collection company is recycled, resulting in less waste going to landfills and a lower carbon footprint.

Types Of Waste Clearance

A typical household generates five types of waste: liquid waste, stable waste, natural waste, recyclable trash, and hazardous waste. To properly dispose of trash, every kind of waste must be handled differently. Approximately 80% of the family waste collected by residential waste collection companies is reused or recycled.

Waste Collection Services Available In Essex

Residential waste collection companies in Essex offer several alternative ways to dispose of your family’s waste at a low cost. Among many of the services provided are:

  • Household or flats waste removal
  • Clearance of construction waste
  • Clearance in the Warehouse
  • Clearance in the Office
  • Rent a Skip

All these services differ as per the type or kind of waste that has to be cleared. Hiring a family waste elimination specialist, a Skip, or a Council Clean up are the most cost-effective methods of junk removal.

House Waste Clearance

The most commonly used and preferred service from Residential waste collection companies in Essex is Household waste clearance services. Clearing waste from homes can be a difficult task. Taking all of these unwanted items to the local dump is not only inconvenient and costly; it may also result in useless items ending up in a landfill.

How To Have Your Waste Cleared?

There are two options for having one’s waste cleared or collected by a residential waste collection company. Firstly, you can book the service by calling the Waste Management Company and selecting the service you require from the company, who will be happy to assist you. Secondly, you can send a picture of the waste that needs to be removed and cleared.

Cost Of Removing Residential Waste In Essex

The cost of residential waste collection services varies depending on the type of service and the volume of waste collected. In some cases, these waste collection companies charge additional service fees for reasons such as loading time, waste clearance during bank holidays, and the removal of electronic or heavy-duty waste. Rubbish removal by a waste management company in Essex can cost as little as 70 and as much as 160 per removal.


To wrap up, the services provided by residential waste collection companies in Essex have made the tiresome process of handling waste much more accessible. They provide us with the satisfaction that the waste is discarded in an environmentally friendly manner.

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