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What is domain authority and how to build it with good quality?

what is domain authority

Authority is something that we humans have been running after since the very origin of life. It is a sign of superiority. And the same fundamentals that we have evolved with have started to manifest themselves in human workings. Look at how the military works, the law works, and then this internet and ranking thing? Websites get ranked based on hundreds of factors.

Link building is one of them. And so is why big companies look for the best link-building services (UK). But getting links is not enough. Now, the links must have some authority (DA / PA) to help a website. So, before you look for London’s best link-building services, here is something valuable for you. If you are married, you must know how authority works! Use that knowledge in your SEO campaign.

What is Authority in SEO and link building?

What is Authority in SEO and link building

There was a time when the internet was a fairly new thing to this world. It did things that the world had never seen something doing before. For example, you could sit here and broadcast your idea to the whole world. At first, the internet needed a crowd. It took a couple of years until the majority was on it. And now, everybody had the power to share their idea.

It was like a world where everybody was speaking. It was a sort of virtual democracy. But then, it started to become noisy because everybody was speaking. This needed a solution. And the solution came in the form of Link Building and Authority. Look for the Best Link Building Services UK to know how authority score helps. But what is it? And how do search engines calculate authority?

Authority is a metric to calculate how much power a website holds around its subject matter. For example, when it comes to sports there are many Authority websites like ESPN, MLB, etc. These websites hold authority. And thus, when they publish an article, people believe that.

Authority provides the internet with a hierarchy that brings order. It provides every website a chance to grow to the top. We all know a person or two who are like an authority in their field. For example, Carl Sagan was an authority in astrophysics. So when he spoke, the world believed. But, how do you build the authority of a website?

How to build the authority of a website?

How to build the authority of a website

Earlier, Google used to provide a PageRank score for every page. It told how much powerful a page is concerning its content. But then people started to manipulate things using it. It led Google to take down this showcasing of the score. However, the same algorithm still works to decide how powerful a page or domain is. It helps in link building and further ranking on SERP.

Now, we generally call these things DA and PA. Domain Authority or Page Authority is a metric developed by Moz to tell how successful a page is on the internet. Seek London’s Best Link Building Services and you’ll surely hear DA and PA from them.

A page with high DA and PA will always rank higher on the SERP. Why? Because it is a sign of expertise. And Google loves expertise very much. So, how do you raise your website from being a novice to being an expert and authority?

1. Write classic content

Write Classical Content


Nothing is classier than the classic itself. Content that can leap the limitations of time and space is the content that is true and powerful. When writing content for the web, keep in mind a few things –

  • User Intent
  • What you are claiming in the title
  • Quality of your content

Google has indexed around 50 billion pages to date. But 99% of these pages rarely get any growth. The reason? Poor quality content. People believe that all they have to do is to write. Well, Mr. Trump can do that easily. You do not just have to write, but write the content that is true and engaging. Every best link-building services in the UK focus on content quality.

When writing, try to provide something valuable and that too in an engaging way. Here are some tips to follow on how to write engaging content –

  • Use narrative techniques like imagery, humor, cliffhanger, etc.
  • Include relevant images and videos (where necessary).
  • Try to provide a structure to your content.
  • Use relevant titles, headings, and subheadings.
  • Do not plagiarise or spin content.
  • Never use complex jargon for the common crowd.
  • Do not go awry and stick to the point you want to clarify.

Taking care of these things will ensure a good foundation for your link-building campaign.

2.Take care of link building

Take care of link building

Every London’s best link building services know that Link Building is a synonym for the spine when we talk about a website. It tells search engines how strong is the reach of a website and what is the quality of such reach. For example, a man could have links with 100 men in the town. This does not mean that that man is divine.

The 100 men he knows could be gangsters or just a foolish crowd. However, if a man knows 100 scientists, then there sure is something.

This same thing drives link building. Having links is not enough. Having quality links is the key. Getting backlinks from websites with high DA and PA scores passes the authority score and increases the authority of the core website.

It further improves the ranking of the website on the SERP. The higher the ranking, the more the traffic, and the further the links. It is like a chain reaction. Look for the best link-building services (UK) if your purpose is to grow in a short period. Link building is tough and requires expert intervention.

3. Remove spam links

Remove spam links

If your website is old, chances are you must have some spam links directing to your website. In the years around 2010, this practice was prevalent. People were buying very cheap backlinks in bulk at 5-10$s and directing them to their website. This tricked Google and their websites’ ranking soared.

But then there is a thing called evolution. Google and other search engines evolved and the trick backfire on the websites. Rankings of the websites with spam links plunged on the face.

It was a long-pending action. Furthermore, some people willingly buy bulk spam links and direct them to their competitors’ websites to drop their rankings.

Google hates websites with spam links and thus does not rank them higher. Use paid tools to check how many spam links are directed to you. Once you have the list, use Google Disavow Tool to direct Google to not count those links as related.

Take care of these few things and you are good to go for a start. But if your business niche has high competition, you surely must look for the best link-building services in the UK. It is a requirement that must be taken care of in time.

The first SERP shows some 10 results and these 10 results grab around 72% of total traffic. 90% never click on the second Google page. The fight is for the first, and a website with good content and investment strategy always wins the war.

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