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Why is it that you should own a dog?

advantages of having a dog

Dogs. Sometimes if we start to contemplate life, we might end up asking ourselves one question over and over again. Do we really deserve these angels? The furry, four-legged creatures that turn our life upside down. They become the reason why we rush home. Their bark is the only sound that puts a smile on our face. How can anyones heart not melt away when they start straight into a puppy’s eyes. Being a dog lover, today we are going to tell you all the right things that dogs bring along with them. So, get ready to be blown away.

Sickness becomes a concept of the past:

We are surrounded by nothing but germs around us. We are continuously battling against diseases and bacteria. These germs will live till eternity freezes over. When you try to kill all the germs around us, we end up falling way more sick than we already are. It messes up with your microbiome. The best part about dogs? They are covered in germs. When you bring home a dog, you come across bacteria that are diverse in nature. That is why when you are around them, your immunity system strengthens, and you fall way less sick.

why you should own a dog

Allergies – What are those?

An expecting mother is always safe around a dog. You know why? It protects the growing foetus from different kinds of allergies. Kids who grow with a dog in their house never become a victim of eczema or allergies. So, why say no to these furry friends?

Your heart health will improve:

From the day you share you start to share your life with a dog, you will feel better. Dogs are the best way to improve a person’s heart condition. The second you run your fingers through their furry coats, you end up lowering your blood pressure and heart rate. Research shows how people who own dogs sleep better at nights. They stay far away from the reach of germs and sickness. So, drive every kind of heart disease away with your furry friend by your side.

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Obviously, other animals pose different benefits to the life of humans. But, when it comes to dogs, the severity of it completely changes. Dogs need to be walked at least twice a day. And who can be a better mate to play with than dogs? What does that mean apart from sheer happiness? It means that you end up getting way more than you can imagine. You get regular exercise, and that will help to keep your body healthy and stress-free. Cardiovascular problems will be gone too.

You will know what happiness means:

Depression, anxiety and stress are words that dog-owners have only heard of. If you are clinically depressed or stressed out about life then owning a dog will help you in every way possible. It will help you get out of your depression. When you start taking care of a pet, you remain more active and healthy. This will work on your mood swings and anxiety.

Just look at those beautiful, big eyes, and you will understand what happiness is. Petting a dog or staring at them (because they are so gorgeous) will boost up the oxytocin in your body. In other words, you will be brimming with chemicals that will make you feel good. So, say yes to happiness and yes to having a dog.

why you should own a dog

Brimming social life:

How many times do you walk up to a person on the street to start a conversation, just out of the blue? Pretty much never. Now, try to think about instances when you find it hard to let go of a situation where you meet someone walking a dog. So, dog owners have a better and way more thriving social lives.

The powers they possess:

Apart from turning your life better in every way possible, they can stop you from falling sick in the future. How? Dogs can sniff the onset of cancers in a human body. They start licking or sniffing a mole, because it feels suspicious to them. When dog-owners get it checked, they have often found that it was a tumour with cancerous cells in it. Detecting cancer at the earliest stage is the best way to fight it.

The reasons to own a dog are never-ending. To enjoy happiness and live a peaceful life, you need a dog. You can never find an animal that is so giving, loving and forgiving. They end up changing your character and make you a person worth being.


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